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Psychic Suzanne

NZ Oils

Medicinal organic balms, insect repellent, essential oils blends, suncreen, body lotions, hand cream, natural deodorant, facial serums, facial moisturisers, solid moisturing body and massage bars, organic handmade soaps and hair shampoo and conditioning bars all infused with the goodness of New Zealand native plant extracts such as Kawakawa, Manuka and Kanuka.

I am drawn to the healing and therapeutic properties of the NZ native oils products. Like Maori medicine (Rongoa) they extract the healing, medicinal properties of our NZ native plants, connecting us to the vibration of Mother Earth, nurturing and healing us on an energetic level. 
All of the products are 100% GMO free, NZ made, 90% organic, natural and healthy to use and do not involve any testing on animals. The products come packaged in recyclable glass and wood containers. They are also kind to Mother Earth when recycled back to her.

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About New Zealand Native Oils Ltd

My interest in the amazing properties associated with New Zealand native plants developed after my partner Gary decided he needed a midlife change in career – opening Kapiti Nursery, a boutique native plant nursery, at our home on New Zealand’s sunny Kapiti Coast.

Our daughters and I began experimenting with handmade soaps using a few native plant heroes – manuka, kanuka, kowhai, pohutukawa, mamaku, and harakeke. We soon noticed our skin transforming and were hooked. Everything about the venture reflects our family ethos – buying local, natural, sustainable – nurturing the people around us and our environment. We begun studying Maori Rongoa (traditional Maori medicine) which gave us a deeper understanding of our beautiful and bountiful New Zealand native plants – they truly are pure magic.

Gary created our beautiful store and located a still, which we use to distill manuka and kanuka essential oils, ensuring our oils are created from the most highly bioactive species. Hydrosol is a by-product of the distillation process and the girls and I love using our own, delicately scented hydrosol in all of our skincare products. We replace the aqua component in our skincare with hydrosol this ensures our skincare contains maximum active ingredients.

Lavender essential oil which is used extensively in our skincare range is from Lavender Boutique in the Wairarapa, we use their award winning L.angustifolia “Pacific Blue’. This oil is the most medicinal lavender oil I have come across, we use it in conjunction with own Manuka and Kanuka essential oils, with some truly amazing results.

The feedback we received from early customers was amazing and enthused us to create more natural beauty and organic skin care products. After a lot of study, consultation, discussion, and experimentation, we have now formulated a wonderful, ninety percent organic, and fully natural range of skincare. Other ranges include shampoo and conditioner bars for Haircare, organic
aromatherapy essential oil roll ons, medicinal balms, deodorants and Magnesium body lotions.

I have been overwhelmed with positive feedback, the beauty of being a boutique manufacturer is the constant contact with customers which enables me to continue to develop my product range and tweek it here and there to meet my customers needs.

Our skincare is all made by hand using botanical bioactives sustainably gathered from native plants from our own property.

Our products are 100% New Zealand made, cruelty free and great for both you and our world. Our products come packaged in recyclable glass and wood containers we are happy to offer a refill service on our skin care products. If you send us back your empty glass containers we will sanitise them and re-fill them for you and return them.