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I’ve consulted with Suzanne for about 3-4 years for various reasons, from relationships, to career, to finance.  She has been so accurate so many times that I’ve lost count! Furthermore, she is always professional, empowering, warm and genuine. 

More recently (June 2021), I asked about my sons sudden aversion to being in his bedroom at night where he was scared to the point of crying (very unlike him).  We were also having issues with moisture coming into the garage of our newly built house.  We couldn’t tell if it was related to the roofing, block/brick sealant, or absorbing up from the ground despite our best efforts to rectify it. Suzanne had mentioned before in 2 prior readings about drains and water during our build – which I had written notes about. 

Suzanne picked up there was a source of water under the house to do with subterranean drainage and went through energetically sealing the house from above and below and clearing the house of anything ‘untoward’.  Well, it worked.  And continues to work, we are almost out of winter weather and there has been zero issues in the garage, hooray!  Even better was that my son is no longer scared in his room. I can highly recommend Suzanne, she is the real deal.

L.M. – Taranaki

Suzanne did a healing and energetic session with me today to clear off and cut the energetic cords which have been a roadblock and were making me feel anxious resulting in heart pain and palpitations. Post my healing session I experienced extreme lightness, sense of calm & an instant shift in my energy and vibrations. The healing modalities she uses is very powerful and gave me immediate sense of upliftment. She worked with me to clear up blocked energies in my chakras to get me Intune for me to receive positivity. I have been seeking Suzanne’s advise for over 3 to 4yrs now and I totally trust her guidance and reading as it’s helped me to move jobs and work out major aspects of my life. Thank you Suzanne for always being there for me.
Lots of Love


I have been having readings and healing sessions with Suzanne since May 2021. She has been with me and guided me through the most difficult moments of my life. She was not only my psychic advisor but she became my counsellor and my friend. She made me feel that I wasn’t just another client but she genuinely cared for me and had her best intentions at heart. Although I’ve never met her personally, I feel we have a connection and I wouldn’t be where I am today if not for her help.

It all started when I was seeking help and guidance for the end of my relationship. I was lost, scared and not in the right space of mind. Suzanne’s calm and reassuring voice got me out of the limbo. Her readings were spot on and her reassurances were that of a friend. I have had experiences with different psychic readers in the past but with Suzanne, not only were her readings accurate but she did not speak negatively of anyone (which I really like) and remained positive. I always came out of the reading feeling calmer and with more direction and motivation to move forward.

Through the journey, I found out that Suzanne also believes in a higher power and could perform healing. Religion is important to me and it was very reassuring that Suzanne could help me heal old ways and cut cords for me. We prayed together and while in the prayer, I could feel tingling sensations and energies that I could not explain. There’s a lot of stigma between the psychic and angelic realm. With Suzanne, I realised that it’s all connected, as long as it is tapped from a positive light. This made me respect Suzanne even more and I truly believe she is an angel here on earth.

I am so lucky and blessed to have met her in this life.

Here I am today, rebuilding my life, stronger and better before. Thanks to Suzanne and her healing team. I’ll be continuing to have conversations with her because she is a gem.

If you’re looking for a psychic reader with a genuine and kind soul, guided by the angels, a friend, a mentor, a counsellor, Suzanne is the lady. ❤️


I experienced a great feeling of warmth around my body , especially around my base chakra at the back , I could feel the beams of light entering my ear ,a slight suckering feeling like something being sucked out of my ear.  I had a great sense of peace and wasn’t worried about the different feelings coming from the healing. I could strongly feel the rays in each area being targeted by them. I had a pulling I sacral area like someone pulling out a tampon out of me. Then my lungs and scar area felt a slight pulling where they were doing some spiritual surgery. Afterwards I felt more alert, did some cleaning for the first time in weeks and also I felt healed, emotionally and physically . Thank you so much EA


I wish to give some feedback after my recent phone reading with Suzanne. The funny thing about my reading was timing and the reading being 3rd time lucky.  Wow, it certainly was 3rd time lucky. This reading meant Suzanne saw a situation which involved a hex and black magic with so much resentment and bitterness towards my family and myself over the last 20 years or more. Suzanne was able to provide me with clarity surrounding this terrible situation with accuracy. Suzanne was able to provide this healing as I have not experienced before and it has absolutely worked. I feel free from what I am calling evil intent for the first time in over 20 years. Thank you, thank you, thank you Suzanne. Waiting for my reading with you was more than worthwhile and it has made my year. I am able to live freely and be myself without a hex and black magic surrounding me.  Sincerely grateful.
MA Spaniardo !

This note is to anyone who is looking for that small ray of hope in times of darkness, that’s how Suzanne’s reading have helped me cross some of the most challenging times of my life with her guidance being the ray of light in directing me on the right path. She is extremely accurate in providing time frames which helped me in getting clarity and what I liked the most about her readings is that she is very genuine in her approach and takes her time to answer every question in detail.

I’m blessed to have Suzanne who guided me through the readings to find a job. Her Readings provided me with clear messages and direction along with accurate time frames. I reached out to Suzanne for guidance as I was having work related issues and wanted to switch my job, however due to the energies that I was carrying Inspite of having a good experience I was getting rejected at job interviews constantly. Suzanne through her readings identified that my energies were the cause of rejections and did a few Angel healing sessions with me to change my energies which had a miraculous effect on me that changed things positively with a new job starting soon in November 2019.Suzanne also helped me to connect with my dad who passed away last year to receive messages from him and my granny and has been a strong communication bridge for me and my family.

I regularly seek guidance from Suzanne through her readings and totally trust her guidance and would strongly recommend her readings/healing to anyone who would like to experience a positive shift in your life.

Thank you Suzanne I wouldn’t have made it this far without your guidance, healing and support. I truly value your presence and it’s a sheer blessing to have you in my life.

Lots of Love, Deepali Okhal, Sydney

I found suzanne via the Internet after a long decision with who I should get a reading from I  read her testimonials I felt she was the best option for me.

I had been having an under lying issue in my life which effect ed my relationships and needed some good solid guidance to help me see through this. Suzanne picked up on this and not only gave me guidance and support and faith that I could finally beat this demon and have a successful relationship. She gave me guidance on where this relationship was heading now or the future or if I should move on. She picked up issues and felt by overcoming these and suggested options we could be very happy together if we worked together.

Suzanne spent extra time on me she made me feel so much more empowered, positive and showed me life is tuff but keep strong u can do this. She spent extra time on me and definitely is value for money, excellent quick replies and such a lovely friendly truthful person.

I recommend her to anyone that is stuck in a situation who needs some guidance or advice without having this reading I truly would have not moved from my depressed state and saw there is a light at the end of the tunnel.  I highly recommend her. Thank u Suzanne; you have been wonderful I’m definitely recommending you to friends and colleagues.

My question was via email. Please feel free to contact me in recommendation for suzanne she’s awesome, best reading. Rebecca.

Just wanted to say thanku so much for the cleansing yesterday I had my first good nite sleep since we have bein here and also all of the pain in my body has gone and the weight on my shoulders.thanku. Paula 


I’ve had a number of readings from Suzanne over the years and find her readings to be accurate, helpful and reassuring and very genuinely interested in helping people. R from Nelson

I am writing this reference for Suzanne as I have great respect for her honesty, support and accuracy throughout the readings that she has given me over the last two years. Suzanne speaks from the heart and has helped me through life’s challenges with positive outcome. Love H xx

I have had two readings from Suzanne ( Psychic Suzanne ) in 2013. The first was a face to face reading. The accuracy of Suzanne’s was astounding, she was amazing and I was very impressed with her professionalism and manner. I followed up with an email reading as I had two further questions to ask of Suzanne, the result was phenomenal. I believe Suzanne created miracles for me and once again I have been astounded by the accuracy of her readings. Without a doubt Suzanne is the best clairvoyant and the most accurate that I have ever had a reading from. I wish her the best for her future and have recommended her to my friends and family. Thank you R

I will give you this brief feedback… I completed a degree in English and Psychology two years ago… I have a Certificate in Counselling (although outdated) and have worked as a volunteer phone counsellor many years ago… people have always opened up to me, even complete strangers in the street! I’ve since realised that was because I am an empath. Friends have told me I’d make a great counsellor but I never felt to go down that path with study. And you are right, it isn’t convenient or financially practical for me to do so… but the word counselling kept coming to me last week too and I couldn’t understand why! So I began leaning toward offering counselling in the form of readings using my intuition/claircognizance. There is also drawing toward art therapy and children… I have been involved in Christian healing  before but no longer have Christian beliefs… but healing is my passion… I haven’t thought of EFT before but will look into it and see if it resonates. I am currently self-employed… my income is from cleaning houses! Over the last month clients have been dropping like flies and I now need more income and have decided not to advertise for more cleaning work but to take the opportunity and move toward healing… I also paint and used to tutor but I just know I have to help people heal.

Thanks so much for your very specific timeframe reference etc. … you have given me food for thought. Blessings, Julie x

thank you Suzanne, what you offer is a lovely thing to do, as sometimes people only have the one question, you summed it up how I saw it, I was just a little confused as felt I was getting mixed messages. love huh! Again, thank you.

I first met Suzanne in 2013, I booked in for a face to face reading with her.  I was trying to sell my business and had been feeling very negative and down about the entire process.  During my reading with Suzanne we discovered some negative energy was around the business she cleared this out and gave me practical steps to keep the energy flow up.  I was utterly amazed with the accuracy of Suzannes reading and after my first reading with Suzanne I walked out feeling light and energised, things started to happen for us and buyers were becoming interested in the business.    Then the energy felt wrong again and I booked in an email reading with Suzanne, once again she cleared out the energy and that same day a man called literally out of the blue.  He became the buyer!  After nearly a year and a half of being on the market we had finally sold, I wish I’d been to see Suzanne earlier.  Since then we have had lots of other buyers hanging around as well – amazing!

I have been to many psychics over the years and undoubtedly Suzanne is the best that I have ever met.  I highly recommend her, if you are wondering about your life direction or are feeling stuck with your situation then you need to book a reading with Suzanne.  She is a very warm, compassionate person and the accuracy of her readings are unbelievable.  She also gave me lots of practical things that I could incorporate into my life with regards to energy and communicating with the Angels.   I will be recommending Suzanne to all my friends and family even those that don’t live in the Nelson area.    Thanks again Suzanne, you really are a miracle worker. R

I just made a THANKYOU payment to you thru PayPal! It’s a thank you payment/bonus! No reading ordered! I just wish to offer cash thanks to my words thanks! You assisted me significantly when you read for me! As a result of your support I held my local LOCATION position, did not take travelling work back in Norway! This has today lead to a permanent local job! Local, home each day! So please accept my soul felt thanks! Kind regards P

I cannot thank you enough Suzanne for the work you did today with me! Thanks for hanging in there despite the trouble with Skype! I feel like it was the first step that I needed to take to get better, and I’m so glad that you were there to help me do it, along with the reassurance I deeply needed from the Archangels, a Gods/Goddesses and Ascended Masters! I feel confident now that I am divinely guided and protected to go down the path leading me to my highest good. I don’t feel so hopeless and scared anymore. I will let you know how I’m doing down the road :) I will do the work that I need to do as well, and will be looking forward to finding my counsellor. I’ll look into the herb supplements that you will send me too. You are a wonderful, gifted soul and I will be more than glad to recommend you to others who need help! Bless you! Happy New Year :)In Gratitude K

I hereby state that Suzanne Robinson is an accurate professional psychic who gives accurate and positive readings. Suzanne has trained with me to a professional standard plus I have received psychic readings myself from Suzanne Robinson.

Elizabeth Jensen

Principal, Isis Mystery School, Adelaide, South Australia

Suzanne is very accurate and empowering with her psychic readings. I have had a number of face to face readings from. Suzanne accurately predicted various events including ex partners, children’s health and various other major life events. I would not hesitate to recommend her as the best psychics I have been to.

Suzanne Robinson worked as a spiritual reader on a 0900 Psychic line in New Zealand.
Suzanne is a spiritual counselor and empowers people to make the right decisions and choices to move forward. Suzanne is a healer and a Reiki Master.
I have found Suzanne accurate in her readings and situations that have been foretold have manifested.
Suzanne comes through with full of empathy and calmness through her voice. Suzanne is a pleasure and was a valued team member. Director 0900 Psychic line

Morning Suzanne,
I thought that I would up-date you on the reading that you gave just 2 weeks ago.  So where do I start…
You mentioned about me having somewhere else to sell my cards etc and something about them in Auckland and weddings etc –well the Saturday before yesterday I was at a friend’s birthday and one of the ladies there has a coffee cart at the market.  She had a look at the card I had made my friend and said out of the blue if you make some of these up I will put them on my stall and sell them for you.  I couldn’t believe my ears.  The very next day I was chatting to a guy that my husband plays golf with and he mentioned that his sister-in-law has a touristy type shop on the West Coast and he would mention the books etc to her.  He does forget lots of things he has said so I am getting together a portfolio and with give them a copy and see what comes of that.

So then yesterday I took the bull by the horns so to speak and went to the market to find the coffee cart lady.  I grabbed another style of card to show her something else that I can do and she was rapt and immediately said yes.  She showed the extra card I had taken to a couple of ladies sitting at the side of the cart having coffee – one of them asked for the price and then asked me to make one for her to send to her sister in Australia.  The lady next to her said – you have to speak to my friend in Auckland about these – she’s one of the top wedding photographers and does all the high class weddings and has all the contacts.  With that she got her phone out, gave me the persons name and number and said to tell her I am a friend of hers etc.  Was blown away by all that.

On Friday morning just as I was getting into the shower I had the oddest sentence pop into my mind – How green is my valley?  What a weird thought says my brain – but I did what you said and wrote it down in a wee notebook.  Friday night I was looking through the real estate pages and we decided to have a look at a house yesterday afternoon and we headed off to the open home. These are the following things you mentioned that we found at the property:

A-Line house – sure was. Would want to make some adjustments inside to enlarge an area or something – yup sure would want to enlarge the kitchen area and it would be easy to take one wall out.  Another couple of small things that we would change for extra light etc and install solar power hot water system.  Nice long garden for the dogs and at the bottom of the garden but not in the property is the stream running along as you mentioned.  I did not think the stream was there and thought that we had the wrong place – but no it was there.  I had a wee chat to the boys upstairs and asked for their help in arranging the required funds if this is the correct place for us.  It had a lovely serene feel to it and was so peaceful.

I did the mortgage figures this morning – had to get that logical side of the head into this one – found it was way beyond our abilities to finance.  Once again the boys have been contacted and their help requested in finding a way through this.

I think I have also discovered a hidden fear that you thought that I had – I have a fear of being ridiculed in front of others with regards to people looking at my handcraft work and making a big joke out of it.  It has happened in my younger days and was really painful to deal with at the time – happened on more than one occasion which hasn’t really helped – but I will push ahead with my books and cards and will also give the photographer a call.

Thank you so much for the reading – I would have done the analyzing thing to death and not done the follow-ups if you had not pointed out those hidden fears that held me back.  I have mentioned you to a couple of my friends up north who may contact you.  It was not just your accuracy that captured me but the beautiful essence of who you are.
All the very best for your continued work in this field.

I noticed your e-mail address at the bottom of you advert which I have kept and this was beyond sending you a text about.  Thank you once again. Cheers – K

I have known Suzy for 26 years. During this time we have become great friends. Suzy has done over 100 readings for me. I am amazed at her accuracy, the guidance she gave me and continues to give me.

I first realized that Suzy had a very unique gift in clairvoyance and healing 15 years ago.

Suzy and I would be out having coffee or meeting at home and she would frequently tell me little things like  you have the money card around you, are you expecting any money from anywhere and I said no, then shortly after money arrived, unexpected money from child support.

On one occasion Suzy asked me if I had any legal issues around me and yes I did which I had not told Suzy about. On another occasion she told me that the boy friend I was seeing was with another woman and that the relationship would end for good, I was in total disbelief! One week later I went down to stay with my boyfriend and found him with another woman. Shortly after this our relationship ended for good. I was totally and utterly shocked at her accuracy, she even described the other woman.

I have moved house on 4 occasions and Suzy predicted each move. When I had money problems Suzy saw a shortage of money in my life. She has also predicted men that I have met and dated. When I was desperately searching for a job, Suzy predicted that I would have obstacles around the job I was about to be offered, she was spot on once again.

Still to this day Suzy continues to give me strength, wisdom and knowledge through her connection with the divine. Thank you Suzy and much love E.

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