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Psychic Readings

Psychic Reading

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With a psychic reading, I give clients spiritual messages, guidance, spiritual counseling and empowerment.

Often clients want to know information about people, situations and events. When the information is given to them then they may want guidance as to what they should do next. Spirit will give them the guidance and spiritually counsel a client encouraging them to move forward in their lives.

Spirit could ask the client questions through me or visualize outcomes for the client to motivate them to be proactive. This is Spirit empowering the client through divine guidance.

At times the Divine can be blunt when they know people are not listening and will tell them exactly how it is and what will happen if they continue on their current path. I have been guided by Spirit to do this and this can be quite direct to clients that need to make important changes.

My Psychic readings give you guidance and messages about:

  • The present and the next 12 months
  • Your questions
  • Romantic, family, workplace and friend relationships/s
  • Finding a new love relationship
  • Dealing with workplace difficulties and job/career prospects
  • Health and a healthier lifestyle
  • Selling your house and/or buying a house
  • Moving house and relocating
  • Money issues and receiving financial abundanceYour past lives
  • What messages your guides and Angels have for you
  • Anything else you want guidance about


A psychic reading via skype, phone or face to face.

Thank you again Suzanne. U do really great readings, beautiful spirit Goddess person. U the best counselor, u are a wonderful light, all the very best.Soul Vibrations.

 As a regular client of Suzanne’s I find that her readings always give me lots of  reassurance whenever I feel overwhelmed or stressed by life’s upsets and challenges. She has an amazing ability to articulate insights, which then helps me through the challenging times with a different perspective. She is kind and helpful and full of support and I am very grateful that she has chosen to share her talents.

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