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Here is Part two of my blogs about Healing.

This blog covers What are the methods of healing, Learning to heal and What can be healed.

Part one, Who does the healing, can be read at https://PSYCHICSUZANNE.CO.NZ/who-does-the-healing/.

What are the methods of healing? HealingHands

There are three main ways of healing –

  1. Hands on healing, on self or others
  2. Distance healing over the phone
  3. Distance healing with no contact with the other person

Learning to heal

Simply by doing the healing as follows. Remember, you are the power cord along which the healing energy flows from the Divine Healers. You can learn various healing modalities like Reiki, Language of light, Angelic healing, Quantum healing if you wish.

1. Centre yourself, look inwards to your heart
2. Put protection around yourself and then your client
3. Connect with the client, either by hands on or by distance
4. Call upon the healing divinites and ask for the healing energy to flow – sometimes you are asking to specifically heal something physical or energetic
5. Intend that the healing is for the clients highest good
6. Heal for the timeframe that you feel is necessary
7. Thank the Divinities for their healing work
8. Ground the client by sending imaginary roots from their feet into Mother Earth
. Wash your hands to disconnect from the client

What can be healed?
These are some things that can be healed as channelled through spirit

  • We give focus on healing relationships with yourself and with your high self.
  • We give private Instruction to individuals who desire to learn how to fine-tune their healing abilities.
  • We clear negative energies in your field so, that it may teach you to discern what feels true to your heart.
  • We clear conflict from your Chakras and the energy it generated.
  • We clear lessons from your past lives so you can feel positive shifts in this present life.
  • We clear curses, spells and black magic especially, for those who are aware of it or not and the reasons your life has too much negative aspects of being stuck or a feelings of depression.
  • We also have the ability to cleanse homes and environments from a distance.