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There are many universal laws governing our life here on earth plane. The very commonly known one is the universal law of attraction.
However there is one universal law that gives us the choice to do what we want to create our reality.
This is called the universal law of free will.
When you have a reading with spirit, spirit will give you guidance and messages to assist you to create the reality you desire. Spirit does not tell you what to do, spirit will guide you, give you opportunities and answer your questions but the universal law of free will allow you the choice as to what pathway you take. IMG_3709
So let me give you an example. Let’s say in a reading spirit says that it is a good time to change jobs. The energy is right and in the next month there will be 3 new jobs that will come to your notice if you take action to find them. You may think that is a wonderful idea and start looking or you may say nah, can’t be bothered, got too much on at the moment.
Spirit gives you a premonition of opportunities to make changes and move forward but you ultimately have to decide to act on them if that is what you want in your life. This is the law of free will.
Don’t worry, there are always opportunities coming up for you, sometimes you have to wait for them or sometimes if they are not acted upon at the time, they are gone forever.