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Daily mantras are really important to repeat out loud or to write down as you are saying them. What ever way you do it, the mantra will register in your sub conscious and begin to change your reality.

You may ask what is a mantra? A mantra is an affirmation, a phrase or a sentence of words that is syntaxed in a way that when it is spoken the energy from the words goes out into the universe to create that reality.

The key things about mantras are that they are to be said out aloud, even if you write them down, they have to be spoken. The other important key is that they must be spoken regularly, at least 3 times a day. Once before you rise, at lunchtime and last thing at night.

With these attached mantras, simply say, I see myself happy, I see myself abundant etc, it’s as easy as that.

Set yourself a goal and say these mantras three times a day for one month and watch your reality change.

Love and blessings

Psychic Suzanne