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The final mercury retrograde for 2016 is with us from December 19 until January the 8th. Read my previous posts about mercury retrograde on my website,  Reassess and Resolve and Reflect-Revise-Redo


These posts essentially cover the theme of the retrograde, which is revisiting whatever comes up for you from the past and present.
I also think of this retrograde as a way of revisiting and repaying present karma. The final retrograde for 2016 will illuminate any unpaid karma and by you knowing or finding out something then this karma is being repaid.

2016 has been a year of endings and letting go of stuff that no longer serves us. It has been a very difficult year and the last retrograde for 2016 is going bring up any other stuff that has been hidden or you havent been meant to know about it. I feel that for many there is going to be information that comes to light and exposes something possibly devious about a past or present situation, occurrence or even a person or persons.

This revealing of past and present deceit could also become apparent at an organisational, political and global level. This could be shocking for some and yes we have already had our fair number of shocks throughout 2016 about fraudulent behaviour and misappropriation in  government departments, legal organisations and private companies.

With the final retrograde coming to a close on the 8th January 2017, we all have an opportunity of moving forward into a year of new beginnings and prospertiy as long as we are not dragging any karma from the past. If we are then it will not go away until it has been dealt with and put to rest. Some may find that the same old issues and problems will come up in 2017 so for the remainder of 2016 clean out the backpack and MOVE ON.