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Things can become a little fractious in a relationship especially with Mercury retrograde contributing to communication problems. I can give you a psychic reading for your own personal situation but here are some of the common answers from spirit that have come up with other clients. IMG_3400

  • Give up problem solving in a relationship. It’s all about adopting and practicing loving actions and words towards each other.
  • Speak nicely to one another.  Listen to your words and the words that you partner uses when you talk. Try to use words that come from a loving perspective to model to yourself and your partner.
  • Be Compassionate and understanding in your relationship. See the big picture. An unhappy experience that has happened in the past will leave its scars on a person.
  • Be more loving towards one another and work on displaying signs of affection, like hugging and kissing. Practice give and take, being selfish is not giving, it is taking. Often couples having the same star sign can mean that they want things their way or stay in control
  • Practice restraint, stay calm and walk away from a brewing argument and don’t over react. Spirit says excuse yourself, get out of range, come back and change the subject. Have a hug!
  • Take responsibility for your own actions and change your behaviours to be more loving, caring and considerate. If you flirt with someone else then of course your partner is going to feel jealous.
  • Be more accepting of your partner, Spirit says to look past the faults and only see love. There are some things you cannot change. Remember you are not perfect. It’s easy to judge others without looking at your own faults.
  • Spend regular time together, just you and your partner. Do a spiritual practice together like meditation or tantric. Make sure you are doing the things that bring happiness  to you both.
  • Do something different, make a change, be spontaneous, go away for a surprise weekend or overseas. The other day spirit suggested a house move for a client because it would bring in new energy and a new focus for both people in the relationship.
  • Adopt a spirit of good will towards one another. Focus on the good things in the relationship.. Make a plan to talk more and sort out miscommunications in a positive, loving way. Spirit says that you and your partner should talk for at least 30 minutes a day.
  • Forgive past mistakes that you have both made. Spirit can help you do this with meditation and healing work. Not being able to forgive your partner blocks the flow of love in a relationship.
  • If spirit exposes difficult issues in your relationship, like addictions, excessive anger, trust, infidelity and financial problems then more energy work is required to change underlying belief systems by meditation, energy healing and hypnosis.