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What you can do to help clear the old energies and patterns to move forward or to use as a daily recharge

1. Meditate every day and ask to connect to Source/God and your divine helpers

2. See the bright white energy of Source flowing through your chakras and connecting with Goddess Gaia the Goddess of the Earth

image3. Ask Gaia to flow beautiful green earth energy up into your body through roots that connect your feet to the ground

4. Surrender and release all old energies, old cellular memory and patterns of behaviour that no longer serve you and ask for these old energies to be transmuted into pure white light

5. See and feel these old energies flowing back down into the earth along with the green earth energy through roots extending from your feet into the ground and see the old energies being being transmuted into bright white light.

Not all of the energies can easily be released. Sometimes there needs to be some extra work done.

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