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On February the 27th at 1.10am NZ time, there will be a POWERFUL Piscean New Moon, and Solar Ecilpse. With any eclipse there is always potential for change and a shake up. With the solar eclipse being in Pisces ( Pisces is water, water is emotion) then there will be emotional turmoil for some. It may be around relationships, friendships, finances, work and home.

imageFor others particularly the Pisceans this is a very favourable time for you to meet Mr or Miss Right. If you have largely released blocks around romantic relationships you had better watch out, your soul mate may miraculously appear.

This is also a powerful time for introspection and illumination of the hurts we must release, so that the trauma of the past can be resolved and new beginnings can emerge from a lighter heart. Living in hurt only hurts your ability to create new patterns of possibility. Psycho drama is a very powerful technique to use to release and heal old wounds.

With the new moon set you intentions and what you’d like to manifest in the months ahead within 24 hours of the New Moon so that they can manifested.