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Manifesting is manipulating energy
We all must get smarter about manifesting our wants/desires.
Everything is energy.
Manifesting is an energetic process.
It is something we can learn.
With understanding and persistence manifestation is achievable.
There is an old saying, “If you want something bad enough then you will get it,” that is manifesting.

What do you want?
Close your eyes and think. What do you passionately want in your life?
Think of 5 things. Write them down every day when you get up in the morning. At the end of the list, write, “and so it is.”
Read over your list at the end of the day and say, thank you.

Here are some pointers about writing down your wants or desires.
Be specific about what you want.
If you say I want financial prosperity what do you mean? That is too vague.
The universe will not respond to that energetically. If you said I want to earn $100,000 each year by selling cars, then you are being more specific.

Why do you want something?
This again gives the universe more clarity about what you want. It adds energy and direction to your desire..  So this desire is now specific and includes a reason why –
I want to earn $100,000 every year, by selling cars so I can save $20,000 a year

Put in a time frame.
If you want something then say when do you want it by.
So, I want to earn $100,000 every year, selling cars (starting January 2017) so I can save $20,000 for a deposit on a house.

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Now to start manifesting, you have to REALLY FEEL WHAT YOU WANT

How do you feel what you want?
Everything is created from within us by the energy we give out. Within us is our divinity, our life force or that part of us that is God. The more we connect or align with our divinity, with our life force, the more we feel the energy we want to bring in to feel and appreciate what we want. What this means is that you are raising your vibration, feeling appreciation, joy etc so you can create whatever you want externally.

Decide on what you want to feel. Let’s say you want to have financial prosperity. How does financial prosperity feel? Meditate on a beautiful picture that you appreciate, (it might be a sea scene as in this post) to bring in the energy that you want to feel as if you had financial prosperity. See the energy flowing in, filling up and aligning with your higher self and really feel it. Then visualise financial prosperity. What does it look like? Keep feeling the appreciation and delight as if you have financial prosperity. You can visualise all of your wants as a movie that you can replay frequently in your mind and at the same time keep bringing in the feeling of what that feels like to have what you want.

Affirm your wants as affirmations every day

  • Say ‘I am’ at the beginning of the affirmation.
  • Eg I am thankfully receiving an abundance of money. Or thank you money for allowing me to ……….
  • Write these affirmations out and put them in a place where you can read them and say them out aloud daily
  • Visualize and feel the success as you say them

Whenever you start to think, say or write something you don’t want, CANCEL, CLEAR and DELETE that thought or spoken words and replace with something you do want.

Everyday write down at least 5 things that you appreciate and that you are positive about in your life.
Write these daily appreciations into a ‘Book of Appreciations’
Start each appreciation with with, ‘I appreciate …….’
You can write a thankful for or grateful for list if you prefer.
At the end of the list write thank you. Read over your list at the end of the day and say thank you

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