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People call me about their jobs, things are getting on top of them and they feel like they are not coping. Some people feel like they are getting pushed out of their job and may lose their job.  Call me now on my Psychic line, 0900 50500 Or Book a 30 min or 60 min Psychic clairvoyant reading for guidance and solutions from Archangel Michael to help you with your situation.

Here is some guidance that spirit has given to people to assist them in their workplace situation.

Don’t lose sight of your life purpose. Archangel Michael will often say to people that the work they are doing is not aligned to their life purpose. He will support you to make a job change that is more aligned to your life purpose. What is it that you do that makes you buzz or feel really passionate about? If the job you are in doesn’t make you feel like that then it could be worth considering changing jobs to something that is more aligned to your true calling. If you are not in the position to do that then you need to look for a hobby or activity outside the workplace that brings you success, joy and happiness so then at least you are doing something that you are aligned to.

Practice prayer, meditation, yoga, chanting or other spiritual practices is an excellent way to relieve that overwhelming work pressure. Learn an energy protection technique like being surrounded by a white or blue energy bubble. Call upon Archangel Michael to do this for you. This helps with difficult work mates or the boss.

Consult with a mentor, spirit will make suggestions as to who is a good person to speak to be of assistance.

Don’t allow anyone to take your power away from you or to intimidate you. See my post at https://PSYCHICSUZANNE.CO.NZ/workplace-bullying/ for ideas from spirit about managing bullying

Get proactive and start a buddy group. If anyone is feeling the stress then they join the group to mediate, practice yoga or even get someone in to give a shoulder and neck massage at lunchtime.

If you are feeling really depressed, suicidal and anxious and cant see a way out, consult with your doctor. Take a few days off if you have the leave.

Cultivate gratitude. Things will go wrong throughout our workday, or at least not according to plan. This is inevitable. We can take the sting out of these negative events by focusing on what’s great in our life. Each day, write down or say three things you are grateful for.

Put some boundaries in place around workload. Learn to say “no” or negotiate priorities with your boss. Be aware of what your job description is and stick to it if you can. Take a course in time management.

Schedule some time with a loved one or family member to take a walk or bike ride as close to Mother Nature as you can. No work talk allowed, and no cell phones. Disengage from work and reengage with those that matter.

Find some time to play. Get out and have fun with your mates. Go kayaking, mountain biking, play tennis. Gaiety, playfulness and laughter will lift your energy so that you will return to work feeling rejuvenated and filled up.

Sometimes Archangel Michael says it is just time to leave the job and find something new. If you are in an endings energy for the coming year then what no longer serves you in your life will be moved away, making way for the new. Ask Archangel Michael to help you and support you in finding a new job.