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Angels have always had an air of mystique about them. In the bible, there are numerous mention of Angels as Gods messengers and helpers, bringing messages to Gods prophets to change the course of action time and time again. Archangel Gabriel is the Archangel closest to God and is the Archangel of communication. He has been the messenger Archangel for God on many many occasions, making many appearances to people here on earth historically and in this present day. Read Angels on Assignment, by Roland Buck for confirmation of Angels and the work that they do.

Our Archangels and Angels are always watching over us. We also all have a Guardian Angel assigned to help look after us. Our Guardian Angel has been with us for many lifetimes and know us well. Angels leave holy feathers floating in the air, shimmers of blue and white light, strange sounds, repeating numbers and vivd dreams. They are here to bring you love, guidance and abundance but we must ask for their help to receive their blessings.

Ask God to send the Angel Messengers to you. See a big ball of white light in your heart and ask for it to attract the Angels. Then see the Angels all around you and thank them for their presence. Thank them for the messages and guidance that they want to give you today and then listen for any messages or thoughts that come into your head.

Archangels and Angels are also very powerful healers. You can call upon your Guardian Angels, The Archangels, or any other Angel that you wish to help heal you. Archangel Raphael, commonly known as The Healer, is often referred to as the Angel of Healing. When I need healing I call upon Archangel Raphael and his healing guides to send healing to me. I see his beautiful emerald green energy pouring into me and Instantly i can feel the heat and then relief. Try it, it really works.

Archangel Michael is widely associated with protection and support, especially in times of danger. He is Gods warrior Archangel, combating in spiritual warfare in heaven as well as on earth.  He has an army of warrior Angels to help him. There is just as much warfare in heaven as there is on earth but in Heaven defeating Satan is the aim of the battles. Ask God to send Archangel Michael to you if you are under a satanic attack or feeling unsafe and he is there in an instant. See his warrior Angels surrounding you and your home, keeping you safe.

The Angels have asked me to share this cleansing meditation with you. When you are the shower imagine the shower as a cleansing waterfall. Call upon the cleansing Archangels and Angels and see them with their sparkly energy cleansing and clearing your energy bodies, aura and chakras. See the old energies flowing down the plug hole. See the pure light of God pouring through your whole being energising and uplifting you. Thank the God and the Angels and meditate for messages and guidance.