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Our Heavenly Guides by Psychic Suzanne, #1 Psychic Your Psychic Guide

We all have Heavenly Guides that support and help us here on earth plane. Most of the time we are not aware of their presence but they are around us. They are our guides. They are made up of Angels, our Guardian Angel and spirit guides who are people who have passed on to the next life.


Angels usually act as messengers between heaven and earth, though they are also considered to be guides, protectors and nurturers. Angels normally work with us on a one to one basis and these are usually our Guardian Angels. However, there have also been recoded instances where large numbers of angels were seen. There are many accounts of groups of angels assisting the British forces during World War 1. We don’t have large numbers of angels with us all the time but we do have angel helpers that we can call upon to assist us in times of need.

Your Guardian Angel

Whether you are aware of it or not you do have your own personal Guardian Angel. Our Guardian Angels are assigned to us at conception or birth. Once the Guardian Angel has arrived, it stays with us throughout our lives and helps us go through the transition of death. Your Guardian Angel knows everything about you and is willing to help you in any way at all and to protect you. Experiencing your Guardian Angel comes in many ways. Some develop a knowing of increased protection or their Guardian Angel appears in their dreams. Thoughts and feelings are other ways they speak to us. We become aware of these through our intuitive hunches. We can do or not do things because we feel they are right or not right. Write a letter to your Guardian Angel asking about them and asking that they make contact. Set upon drawing your guardian angel as you see in your mind’s eye. You may find that your hand is guided to draw and colour an Angel that is very beautiful. This is your Guardian Angel making contact.

Spirit Guides

Spirit guides are people who have passed over into the next life. They have reached a high spiritual level where they are, but still retain an interest in what is going on in this world. They are not like Guardian Angels who protect us, but are there to help and guide us when we ask for advice. Spirit Guides are principally concerned with our spiritual growth and will help us with it. The act as mentors, older and wiser who have already learned the lessons we are so painfully trying to master. Your Guides do not offer advice to you unless you ask for it. If a person is in dire straits and calls out for help from God, help will come immediately from the Spirit Guides.

Experiencing your Spirit Guides

Experiencing your Spirit Guides is much the same as that of your Guardian Angel. You may also connect with you Guides through automatic writing and mastering the use of a pendulum. I do not advocate the use of Ouija boards unless you have a very experienced person present at the meeting who can remove meddlesome spirits who are not Spirit Guides. Many connect with their Spirit Guides through a Psychic Circle. Your local Spiritualist church may help you with that.