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Ground And Power Up

Have you ever felt that you are getting out of kilter in your workplace or other areas of your life? Here is a good grounding and protection exercise to get back in your power.

Sit on a chair. See roots coming out of your feet and anchoring deep down into Mother Earth. See a beam of white light coming down from God and connecting with your crown chakra. Then imagine big Angel wings coming out from behind you pulling in all of your power back into you that you have lost in the past to people, places and situations. Surround yourself in a bubble of light (whatever colour you like) where only positive, loving, truth, honesty, happiness, joy etc permeate in and out. Return anything not for your highest good and all negativity to the sender.

Thank God and the Angels for their help and go about your day where the intention is set for great things.

Also remember to be grateful as you go about your day for all the good things as well as the not so good and then you will start to attract more good.

Blessings Psychic Suzanne www.psychicsuzanne.co.nz