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2018 is fast approaching. In 2018, many of us will be challenged to step up and use our god given gifts to serve others. This will very likely be of service to humanity. There will be a clear move away from serving thyself and moving to serving others.
I am talking about creatively using resources in new career paths, jobs, starting a business, volunteering or other ways you are using your talents. BUT this focus will very likely be assisting humanity in some vital way to find solutions to some very pressing problems. I also feel that whatever you decide to you will bring you great joy and satisfaction. It will bring a new vitality and abundance in your life through serving others. Consult me for a 0900 psychic NZ reading, 0900 50500 about your plans for 2018

Why do I say that there is a move towards serving humanity in some way? There are many reasons and needs.
  • 2018 adds up to a master number 2+0+1+8=11 the 11 energy is a master energy, calling people to step up and give their talents to world, local government or of community service. The 11-master energy is an energy of humanitarian roles being generated and people being challenged to put their talents to good purpose and work.
  • Climate change and impact on populations and wildlife. We already can see how climate change is impacting on sea side populations. Oceans warming is impacting on the sustainability of wildlife.
  • Increasing poverty, less jobs and less money. The gap between the rich and poor has been widening but now more than ever this gap must narrow. There will be more emphasis on using the natural laws (Law of attraction) to attract wealth to those in poverty.
  • Care and protection of children. We all know here in New Zealand there are many children who face day to day abuse of some kind and measures must be taken to stop this happening.
  • Natural disasters and impact on populations. Again, this is already happening and the 11 master energy brings with it a certainty of more earthquakes, wildfires, tsunamis happening in 2018
  • Worldwide political unrest and consequences. We are seeing this now in the conflict between North Korea and USA. More worldwide peace movements are very much needed.
  • Increasing refugee populations. As many countries are stricken with war, there will be more people needing to leave their home countries.

Is there anything in this list that you feel compelled to do? Reach out and do something in 2018 that serves humanity. You can still earn money but change the focus so it assists humanity in some way. Submit a comment below or consult me for a reading and i will use my psychic powers to give you insight about your plans for 2018, www.psychicsuzanne.co.nz/psychic-readings/

Thank you and blessings

Psychic Suzanne