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What Does 2018 Mean For You?
We are nearly at the end of the first month of 2018. I have been deliberately waiting to see how 2018 is shaping up. As you know I am a Psychic, New Zealand doing psychic readings through my 0900 50500 Psychic line. I also do phone psychic and skype readings for people that book with me. Psychic readings give guidance and messages for the caller depending on what their questions and areas of concern are. My phone Psychic readings also reflect what sort of changes people are wanting to make in their lives.
This year callers have sought guidance and answers about  –

  • A desire to connect with their soul to find out who they are
  • A desire for soul healing so they can clear the blocks and do what they came here to do
  • Realizing and connecting with their own divinity, people are suddenly aware of their own intuitive power or that they can heal others
  • Career choices, the urging feeling that they are not in the right career, should I be looking for a job that feels right for them or doing some study to move into a new career path.
  • Difficult emotional connections with their partner/boyfriend, friends or family members because there are underlying issues that are coming up to be healed. Many people are consulting with counsellors to make things work.
  •  Ongoing health issues. Often I find that callers need to nurture themselves more and not put others first

I know that there is an underlying energy that 2018 brings with it, (2+0+1+8=11 or 11/2)
The numerologists say the 11/2 energy brings the focus on you, it is all about self and the need to nurture oneself and reclaim personal power.
The 11/2 energy is also a soul energy. It pushes you to connect with your own soul and to seek soul healing to realize who you are.
Some may feel that they must do something completely new, career or jobwise to align with how they are feeling.
Others may feel a strong connection with divinity and become very interested in pursuing their spiritual development.
This energy also brings a focus on emotions within oneself and with others and the need to balance these and to bring peace and harmony into your life. Patience and cooperation with others will be attributes to be learned.
The 2018 11/2 energy also brings the opportunity for a new soulmate relationship or a makeover of an existing one.

So, the  readings I am receiving are very much so reflecting what the numerologists are saying about the energy of 2018, the 11/2 energy. I feel that 2018 will bring a lot of positive change to people if they trust and develop their intuition and heal anything that is not balanced or out of sync in their lives.
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