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Wow, we are nearly into March 2018 and the focus of my psychic readings with clients has been a lot about romantic relationships. I am not a relationship therapist but the psychic readings I have been doing about relationships are reflecting some clear themes. The universal energy of 2018 is that of 11/2 and this is a good facilitative energy to find a new suitable soulmate, to rekindle a relationship from the past or to find ways of making an existing relationship work better. But you have to work at it.

These themes  around romantic relationships have all come up in my psychic readings but what else has come up is that many relationships have ended or people are really struggling to make their existing relationship to work. What I am finding is that many couples have banded aided their relationships in the past, made a short-term fix or have just put up with the underlying problems. I am afraid 2018 is crunch time. People either end their relationship or keep working together to make it work and that involves a lot of commitment and determination. If it is just too hard to make changes, then the relationship will end.

This 11/2 energy is really pushing that if you want a meaningful, loving romantic relationship with someone then there must be a real deep meaningful energetic connection with the other person otherwise the relationship will struggle to work. Another way of putting it is that both people’s energy and values must align with one another and that both parties are on the same page. I have people calling me and saying, ‘I have met this man and he is lovely but we just don’t seem to be suited. He wants different things to me and we just can’t agree about a lot of things.’ Then run a mile, because if it’s not working now, I can assure you it won’t work 10 years down the track.

I am not saying that you must find the perfect partner, because you won’t. What I am saying is that having a partner that is second best to you does not work anymore. If you are a gentle loving person and your partner is controlling and angry, then good bye. Give it up, it won’t work. You are not aligned to one another. What you must do is to find a partner that is more suited to you on many levels and vice versa.
Do you get on well together and enjoy each other’s company?
Are you both attracted to one another in a healthy way?
Do you both feel a real connection at the heart?
Do you both want mostly the same things?
Do you both have values of honesty and faithfulness?
Do you have fun together without even trying?
If you can tick each one of the above then you are on the right track to finding a suitable romantic partner.
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