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Got some anger to let go from the past? Need to forgive someone, a situation or an event that has happened? if you are wanting to release anger then you will be needing to forgive in some way as well. Forgiveness is necessary to be able to move on from someone or something that has angered us significantly. If you hold onto the anger then it will block you from moving forward. I see forgiveness as a process. Most of the time you can’t go out and forgive right away, it takes time and effort. Here are some sound practices to assist you.

Start with acceptance. You cannot change what happened, so try to accept it. You can accept but that doesn’t mean you have released your anger or forgiven. Remember that “acceptance” is an opening to forgiveness.

Take a step back. Physically remove yourself from the source of your anger. Don’t see or speak to the person or cause of your anger and remove anything that reminds you.

Fake it ‘til you make it. Don’t pretend to forgive when you haven’t, but try to act as though you have. That behavior will smooth out the anger so eventually you won’t just be acting.

Moving on. Remember that forgiving someone does not mean you have to continue a relationship with them or try to repair it. You can forgive someone without being with them. The forgiveness is for you more than it is for them.

if you want some Angelic help, call upon Archangel Uriel. Give him your problems and ask him to release anger and forgive. See this as happening. The more you ask for his help the easier it will become to forgive.

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