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Have you ever experienced regret about something that has happened in your life? Regret is experiencing loss, sadness and dismay that has come about because of an experience that you have had. Perhaps you have regrets over a relationship you’ve been in, or maybe you’ve bought a house and it’s cost you a lot of money. The death of someone can bring up regret, the loss of a job, the loss of a friendship or a very loved pet.

I have experienced the bitter sweet of regret many times but the most regret I’ve experienced was after one of my recent house moves.  I thought I was moving to my dream home and location but instead I was moving to some life experiences that made me really challenge my own actions. The new house needed a lot of extra repairs that were not disclosed by the previous owners and I had to do some very careful budgeting. To top it off 3 different psychics supported the move. Very weird! This also made me think that maybe there was some underlying karmic contract that was playing out that I, or nobody else was aware of at the time.

I thought long and hard about why I had to experience these challenges and the consequential regret.  Was this a major life lesson? I had to learn to stay grounded and balanced in the path of obstacles and to overcome my difficulties by doing realistic problem solving and budgeting. The biggest thing for me was learning to be resilient. The chips were down but then I had to move through the obstacles in the best way that I could without giving up. That’s what I think resilience is. Don’t give up, keep moving, solve problems and be real. If you can learn to be resilient then future challenges may not lead to regret. I learnt a lot about money too, that I can’t take money for granted and what money we do receive, to be thankful and grateful for.

Then I had a dream. Spirit came through and told me that through these experiences I had repaid karma from past lives. This coming year I’m in a current cycle of repaying past life karma and in this lifetime, we are all clearing our karmic debt. Interesting because something else came up recently and I think I repaid karma yet again. If you have had a difficult experience  and my post resonates then ride the wave. Keep moving, manifest a break through, be resilient and don’t give up.

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