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Our authentic self

2018 carries the 11/2 master energy. 2+0+1+8=11/2 and this master energy is pushing us to make a shift towards our authentic self by letting go of ego based behaviors that no longer serves us. In simple language, it’s called cleaning up our act. Our authentic self walks in our truth, is honest, congruent, and acts in integrity. It works with an open heart, being compassionate and kind towards people and animals.

Moving towards our authentic self

The first step is that we must develop a self-awarenessand be willing to see and acknowledge our own faults. We must be aware that we are all wounded in some way that requires healing but we must be willing to swallow our ego based behaviors and acknowledge that healing is work in progress for ourselves and others. Making this shift is not easy.

Examples of Ego based behaviours

Being selfish and greedy inhibits us from being kind, non-judgmental and compassionate towards others and animals. There is always someone worse off than ourselves and opening our heart to give to others and our animals makes us feel better and them as well.

Money rules the world and can stop us from being our authentic self. As it has been said, money is the root of all evil. It can make us greedy and selfish. I hear every day of people losing money to someone else because of dishonest activities.

The ego is another inhibitor to having an open heart. The ego is selfish and acquires often at the expense of others. Having power over others and treating them with contempt also feeds the ego. Try dealing with someone with a big ego. Me me is what you hear. It gets boring after a while.

Then there are the lies. Have you ever talked to someone who you know is not be honest to you or themselves? The lies are designed to make you believe a false reality so the person feels they gains in some way. This could be a monetary gain or it could be a job or a possession.

Manipulation stops us from acting in integrity. Have you ever felt someone is trying to control you to their own advantage, dishonestly and unfairly? That person is not being true to themselves or anyone else and not acting in integrity.

Emotional and physical abuse is prevalent and disguises our authentic self. Again, they are learned behaviours and can be unlearned. Some people are very vulnerable and become targets for abuse. The abusers see it as an opportunity to wield unhealthy power over someone else.

Living Our Authentic Self

The universe draws us to make changes towards our true self. Sometimes a problem becomes so magnified that we must do something about it and this usually involves looking within. This is not a bad thing but it can be difficult, especially if we are in denial. Take small steps at a time. When you have done something that you feel you shouldn’t have done don’t beat yourself up about it. Think, I’m aware of this and I will decide not to repeat the behavior. Then focus on releasing and healing that behavior.

When you walk in your authentic self, you create the space for others to do the same. When you walk in your authentic self you also create the space to become aware of and expose dishonesty, bullying, abuse and manipulation that is happening globally. Its already happening. Listen to the news – deceit, lies and dishonesty are being exposed daily by individuals who are speaking out against their aggressors. So find your true authentic self, set an example for others and make the world a better place.

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