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Count your Blessings

I was reading something the other day and what jumped out at me were the words ‘Count your blessings’. ‘Wow’, ‘I thought, I haven’t heard that since I was a kid.’ My grandmother used to say to me to count my blessings whenever I grizzled and groaned about things. At the time, I used to think what a lot of rubbish. She never said what a blessing was let alone counting them. I thought I had this miserable life where I was picked on and bullied and when I complained I got shouted down.

How to Count your  Blessings

So, what does it mean ‘to count your blessings?’  As defined in the dictionary a blessing is something good that is present in your life. To count your blessings is being grateful for those good things. So, to count our blessings, we need to identify what is good in our lives and  to be grateful for those things.  Write your blessings down like this, ‘I’m grateful for (then write the blessing)’ and say them aloud every day to bring that feeling of gratitude in.

Look for the Blessings

Looking back now even though I felt hard done by, I did have blessings in my life. I had a loving grandmother and grandfather. I had lots of pets. I was blessed with brains. I had many animal friend’s that I adored and the list goes on. I didn’t see it that way then. I had no focus or awareness. Nobody told me about focusing on the good things and feeling grateful for them. All I thought I had was despair. When the chips are down, that is what is easy to do.

Change your Focus

If I had focused then more on the positives rather than the negatives then I’m sure my mindset would have improved. I was too young I guess. My grandmother tried to make me aware but it wasn’t enough. So, change the focus to counting your blessings. Make your children aware that there are good things happening in their life and to be grateful for these. I’m a great believer in starting positive practices young. It creates a foundation for the rest of our life. Focusing on counting your blessings will create a positive change. It will bring more positive things into your life.
Try it and see what your mindset is after 3 weeks.

Blessings of Gratitude
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