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Never Happens? Happens.

The Civil Defence are so right when the say this, I had something happen recently that I would never have dreamt could have happened but it did and I should have been more aware. It was 6.30pm in the evening.  I thought I would dash out my ranch slider to grab some washing I had on the line. I closed the ranchslider after me and heard ‘click’ I turned around and tried the door and it was locked. I ran around to my front door and it was locked too. I just stood there, thinking ‘What am I going to do’. My dog and 3 cats were locked inside and I had potatoes boiling on the stove in not a lot of water. Never in my whole life had I had an experience like this. I had no key planted outside to my house and all my windows were firmly closed and locked. Luckily, I had my warm jacket on as it was cold outside, but I had no phone, no keys except a tissue in my jacket pocket.

What Did I Do

The first thought was what are my options, what can I do.
My neighbour’s either side me, opposite and down the road were not at home. I thought, ‘ring the fire department,’ but I had no phone. Spirit, Angels, please tell me what to do, I heard, ‘run to your daughters,’ so I ran to my daughters house up the road. Lucky she lived fairly close by. Her partner and I jumped in the car and we drove back to my house. He managed to get a window open after some difficulty. As he climbed into the bedroom, the smoke from the burning potatoes was coming down the hall. It wasn’t that smoky but if we had left it another 10 minutes the smoke would have been getting up there. Phew, unbelievable that had happened but I was so thankful and grateful to spirit and my angels that we got inside the house in time. I believe it was a miracle! But I should have been better prepared for the possible situation of being locked out of my house.

What Did I learn?

Be prepared, I never thought I could lock myself out of my house but it happened so never underestimate freak things happening. Anything can happen!
Don’t panic and stay rational in times of stress.
I prayed for help from my  guides and angels and I know they helped as I stayed very calm and we got into the house.
Trust your intuition and the messages you are being given.
When you are faced with a difficult situation, think, ‘what are my options.?’ Sometimes there’s no time to think!
Get to know your neighbours, they may need to help you one day or you may need to help them.
Leave a key to your house outside somewhere secluded. If I had done that previously then I could have got into my house again.
Run to the nearest neighbors and ring the fire brigade, they are equipped to get into houses.
In retrospect, I could have done that to save time but my neighboure were not at home.
If you are going outside even briefly and something is cooking on the stove or in the oven turn it off. You could fall and break a leg when you are outside and not get back in easily.

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