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The vibration of Number 3 and relationships

We are full blast into 2019 which carries the universal energy of number 3. The 3 energy carries the vibration of creativity and manifestation, the potential of new opportunities, new friendships, increased self-expression and psychic abilities. Number 3 also carries the vibration of emotion. Emotion is love and joy in a relationship. The other side is the negativity and drama or emotional baggage.  Within the relationships theme, Number 3 also carries the vibration of the family unit. The number 3 represents creation, as in mother, father, child (the trinity) or the family. If any relationship (whether it’s within a family or not) is not in alignment with the positive emotional energy of number 3, then it will be exposed and will come up for healing. This may come sooner than later with the total eclipse occurring on the 21st January which is about a resetting of your emotions, clearing away the emotional baggage of the previous six months. This may encourage you to take an objective and balanced look at your close relationships.

Emotional baggage

So far, this year I have had many calls on my psychic line about arguments, dramas and conflict within romantic relationships and family relationships. Deceit is coming out, cover ups, sexual misconduct and other skeletons are falling out of the closet. Dysfunctional behaviors and patterns are also coming out of the wood work. If relationships are based on love, integrity, honesty and kindness then they are aligned to the positive emotional energy of 3. If there are dysfunctional patterns of behavior within relationships then this year these will be amplified. This is the down side of the 3-emotional energy vibration. I encourage everyone who is faced with an emotional imbalance in any of their relationships to seek  healing and release techniques. In some cases, counselling therapies may help.

Moving on

Sometimes you can’t do anything to put things right so one must take a step back from the situation, focus on your truth and integrity and continue not to be involved. If family members, friends and lovers are living in truth and integrity and you are too then you will align with them. The vibration of number 3 is there in the background, vibrating love, joy, truth, integrity and creation.

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Peace and Harmony

Psychic Suzanne