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Adopt a daily spiritual practice

As we enter a new week it is a great time to reflect and look forward. In these difficult times it is absolutely imperative that we all have a spiritual connection/ practice that we use daily to look after you and to receive answers and support.
Make a quiet time and space for yourself first thing in the morning. Somewhere where you are not going to be interrupted.
Take 20 minutes a day. Call upon God and your angels and guides to be with you and see yourself as connected with them.
Be graterful and thankful. Tell God what you are grateful and thankful for now.
Ask for their guidance and help for your problems throughout the day.
Ask for and see yourself being cleared of any dark toxic energies, entitles and lost souls
See a protective capsule all around you of any colour you want.
Set your intentions for the day, the things that you want to happen including solutions to difficulties
Meditate with God and the Angels and visualize your intentions happening and for the highest solutions to your problems.
Now you are ready to start your day positively.

Reduce the risk of any infection

The color turquoise has healing properties to strengthen our immunity and helps protect us from infections. Turquoise is believed to be anti-inflammatory, to alleviate viral infections and stomach problems. It is associated with the thymus chakra between the heart and the throat.

Breathe turquoise light in through your heart chakra and breathe out to fill up your physical and energy bodies. Do this 2 x.

Then on the 3rd breath, breath in and breath out through your physical and energy bodies to form a protective turquoise capsule all around you.

Wear a turquoise gemstone to strengthen the properties.

Heal Mother Earth every day

Send healing from your heart chakra to Mother Earth (Gaia), she needs it and give thanks for what she does for us. She has been repeatedly damaged, underground nuclear explosions, mining, toxic sprays, cutting down forests and the list goes on. She is a living being that needs to be nourished: the soil, rocks, plants, trees. Maori, Aboriginal and many other cultures traditionally lived symbiotically and in harmony with Mother Earth. So, must we.