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New Moon and Solar Eclipse 14/15 December 2020

A new moon and a total solar eclipse is due on the 14/15th December 2020. A total solar eclipse happens when the New Moon comes between the Sun and Earth and casts the darkest part of its shadow, the umbra, on Earth.

This eclipse contrasts with the recent lunar eclipse which put a veil over the truth, it hid something from us. Now the truth is being uncovered, a pathway is forming, Answers will come.

A solar eclipse also acts as a symbolic portal for growth, and opportunities. Solar eclipses release and uncover the pathway to change. It assists to release old cellular memory and lower frequency energies in preparation for the 21st December, the great conjunction of the planets, Jupiter and Saturn.

This important day is fast approaching, intensifying the volume of light codes coming from the sun that are currently bombarding our planet, raising our vibration (if blocks, illness, low frequency energies are cleared) and leading us into the 5th Dimension and the age of Aquarius.

Be prepared for truth, change and growth, if you are ready for it.


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