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How do they get into you?

One of my healing services is to remove entities, lost souls, demons and dark souls from someone’s aura and physical being. They come on in especially when we are unwell and our vibration is down or if our protection is not adequate. If you have rips or tears in your aura then they can easily penetrate your aura.

What are Entities, Demons, Lost/Dark Souls? How do they affect us?

Entities and demons are collections of dark energy that take on a form. Entities that are attached to someone have many side effects such as tiredness, depression, anxiety, generally feeling unwell, confusion and in rare cases ones behaviour is affected negatively. Some people have a complete personality change!
Lost souls and dark souls are people who have passed over but have not made it to the light. They can be particularly troublesome by hanging around as if they are still on earth plane. Dark souls are souls that have quite a bad energy around them and can cause many problems to some people by disturbing sleep, depression, fatigue, moving objects around a room, holding them down when sleeping, banging doors etc,
Entities and demons feed off our energy and often have energy cords connected into different areas of our body and chakras. Sometimes you can feel these cords or it could feel like a dagger or a sword is stuck somewhere in your body.

How to get rid of Entities and Lost Souls

You can clear your aura and entire being of low frequency energies and debris quite easily but clearing entities/demons and lost/dark souls takes a bit more work. They can be very resistant to make a move. I do have a team in spirit that assist me to remove these peskies and then take them to the light.

If you suspect if you or someone else is affected by an entity or lost soul give me an email, [email protected] or text me on 0220429652

Read my latest testimonial regarding the removal of a Lost soul

‘I recommend Suzanne to anyone who’s seeking help and guidance from a psychic. Thank you Suzanne. I rang for a reading in regards to my mum’s health. I was blown away by everything you told me as even I forgot my mother had a head injury from a car accident in the past but you mentioned it. And thank you so much for the blessings you said for my mother, she is now better than years before and started going back to church. I am shocked and very happy to see my mother happy once again. Forgetfulness is still there, but she has changed a lot. So on behalf of my family I would like to say a very big thank you Suzanne, you are truly gifted!’

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Love and Christmas blessings

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