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2021 The Year for Spiritual Growth
2021 is the year for personal spiritual growth, understanding and trusting your inner guidance. You are no longer content with simply living as a five-sensory person, looking for answers. You are going to need answers from a higher power. Never has it been so important as now.
Stand Up And be you
2021 (2+0+2+1=5) is a no 5 universal year, full of change, opportunities, growth and adaptability. You will stand in your power through your voice and stand up in the name of freedom, inner freedom and freedom of others. Effective communication is the key.
A change could hit you side on. Expect the unexpected.
What are you going to do? What are your options?
How To Go Within To Receive Guidance
Going within is learning to trust your inner guidance and intuition. It means connecting with your higher aspect of self/soul, connecting with spirit and the angels to receive spiritual guidance. The answers are there. You must be in a meditative state. The need to be calm, grounded and to nurture oneself is imperative. Doing this helps to open the channels to a higher power. Courses on mindfulness, meditation and dream interpretation would be very useful this year to receive guidance from a higher source.
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