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The Energy of 2021
2021s over riding energy is that of 5 2+0+2+1=5. It is an energy of potential change and opportunities but we have to ride it carefully..
Stay Balanced
We have to stay balanced other wise the flip coin of the 5 energy is conflict, arguments and drama.
Stay Grounded
Going with the flow is essential with this energy. Walking in the woods, bare feet on the ground and sitting under trees assist you to stay balanced
Set Boundaries and Be Disciplined

We need to stay right in the middle and have coping mechanisms so we don’t get caught up in the drama or tipped over the edge. Boundaries, having discipline and not buying into the down side is the answer. Learn to say no, you don’t have to do everything that others want you to do.

Stay In The Middle
Keep moving, set your goals and co create but stay in the middle and ride the wave with precision and poise and you will meet your mark. Stay focused.
Whats In Store For You
Want to know whats in store for you 2021? Get a 2021 forecast for you
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Lots of blessings and love for 2021
Psychic Suzanne
‘Dear Suzanne. Thank you for a wonderful healing, reading with you today. I really enjoyed meeting you. I also wanted you to know that I did get the job and a signed contract which you predicted. Thanks again Suzanne. Have a lovely evening M’