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Looking after your heart chakra
Archangel Chamuel looks after our heart chakra. He is one of the great Archangels to fill our hearts with the love vibration and he alignis us with a potential loving soul mate and a career that brings us great passion.
Your heart chakra
Your heart chakra is a 33 petalled lotus flower with that turns white with tinges of pink as the petals open. Our hearts have to be nurtured, loved and healed for the petals to open. This involves letting go of past hurt, grief and forgiveness. It also involves looking after our heart. Being kind to ourselves is imperative. Send loving thoughts to ourselves as well as to others raisies our energy vibration and soothes our hearts. Keep the well being of your heart in check by healthy eating, exercise and meditation. Facilitate peace and harmony through grounding and avoiding conflict and drama.
Healing your heart
Invoke Archangel Chamuel to touch, light up and activate your heart chakra. Your heart chakra will open and you will feel your energy vibration rising. Call upon Mother Mary to flood your heart centre with transcendent love, compassion and healing. This assists the petals of the lotus flower to open and as our hearts heal we can connect to a higher source of unconditional love in our ascension process. When all of the petals are open we are ready to receive the higher codes of unconditional love and wisdom.
Blessings of love
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