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Archangel Uriel is bathed in the gold and ruby ray of energy of God. Uriel means “God is my light.” Uriel shines the light of God’s truth into the darkness of confusion and disempowerment. Archangel Uriel is associated with the Solar plexus chakra which is situated just below the heart, in the stomach area.  Through this chakra, he helps us to be powerful, intuitive, wise and confident.

Call upon Archangel Uriel and see a ray of gold and ruby light pouring through you, filling every facet of your being. Visualise Archangel Uriel in that beam of golden ruby light coming towards you and see him placing a ruby in your hand. The ruby can be any shape that you want. See the ruby sparkling and shining.

Place the ruby in your solar plexus. Feel it warming your solar plexus and shining bright. See this ruby expanding through your body, upwards, downwards and sideways until it fills your physical body and aura.

As this is happening see yourself as powerful, confident and wise. Trust what you are feeling. This is your intuition and wisdom powering up.

Then slowly bring the ruby back into the solar plexus area. Know that the ruby is there always for you to use to be powerful, confident, wise and intuitive. Just see it glowing and shining and it will do its work

Thank Archangel Uriel for the gift of the ruby and his help.
It is done, it is done, it is done.
Thank you, thank you, thank you

Psychic Suzanne