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There is a lot of fear based energy about at the moment. Fear is an energy that is brought on by stress and it makes us feel at risk.
Fear affects our thinking, judgement and decision making and keeps us stuck. People feel disempowered and feel a loss of freedom.

How does Fear affect us

Many people are in fear about their health, their future health and what is the best decision to make that achieves the best outcome. People are in fear about the information that is presented to them. what to believe? What not to believe? Many are just fearful about the future and what is going to happen.

What can you do about Fear
That is a lot of fear! To make any clear well based decision about anything for our health and future we have to be free of fear. You can meditate to be free of fear, do yoga or some kind of spiritual activity that alleviates fear. There are many youtube videos that can help.
What can I do to help you
I can also offer you energy healing with the help of Archangel Michael and his Warrior Angels in the highest frequency of love and light to help and support the clearing of fear based energies around you. With his laser sword of light Archangel Michael cuts through the fear and instantly dissolves it making you free to make decisions about you and your life.
What can you do?
Invite Archangel Michael to be with you.
Ask him to wrap his electric blue cloak around you to protect you.
Ask him to remove fear energy from around you, dissolving it instantly with his laser sword.
See it being taken up to Heaven to be transmuted into pure love.
Ask Archangel Michael to keep you wrapped in his electric blue cloak to protect you against fear.
Thank him for his help. He is always there to help you.
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