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The Blue Ray Energy

How would you like to learn blue Ray healing with the blue Ray beings? The blue Ray energy is a quantum energy source which the blue ray divine beings use to bring healing and positive change to earth plane.


The Blue Ray Beings

The beings I am working with are Archangel Michael, the Arcturians, the blue light Syrian beings, the Pleiadians and the Blue Star beings. All of these beings work in the blue ray energy source.


What you will learn

Through this quantum healing modality, you will learn the following:

  • Etheric Surgery
  • Chakra alignment, balancing and activation
  • Merging of the chakras of the physical and etheric bodies
  • Merging of the four bodies (spiritual, mental, emotional and physical)
  • Replacement of damaged chakras
  • Removal of entities and creatures, energy cords, hooks and barbs
  • Removal of dark implants and devices
  • By the end of the training you will be reconnected to the Quantum Grid

This is your opportunity to connect to your Quantum self. You will also connect to your true self and to reconnect to your own true energies.

Archangel Michael

Here is what you will learn about Archangel Michael. He is a powerful mighty Archangel. The most revered of Archangels in many scriptures and spiritual traditions, Michael has traditionally been called to free a person from evil spirits. He appears in art with a sword in hand, battling Satan himself. Michael translates to “who is like god.” Michael is the epitome of strength and law and order. He guides us away from fear and you can call on him for protection and courage to make the changes necessary to grow on our path. He also helps us in recognising our true purpose in life.

It is a good idea to call upon him prior to any healing or meditation session to ensure you are in a safe and sacred space – just ask for his presence and see him in your mind on your right hand side, with a sword of light above your head, flowing brilliant bright electric violet/white light down upon your head, then your whole body.  Ask him to take any negative energies or lost souls to the light for healing and he will do so.

Ask Archangel Michael to do a spirit/entity attachment release, energy clear and uncording.  See any unwanted energies being released from you.. See Archangel Michael remove any energy cords very gently and laser them to separate you from people draining  energies from you, see him suctioning away all discordant and dark energy with an Angelic vacuum cleaner.  The Warrior Angels will escort any lost souls to the Light – seeing them go up a vortex of Light into the Light (Heaven), then having Archangel Michael seal the door shut is also helpful here.

If you are interested contact me on 0220429652 or email [email protected]