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The universal energy of 2023

2023 carries a universal energy of number 7. This energy is encouraging and moving people in the direction of self examination, personal development and spiritual growth. this year is all about a focus on you. whether its your health and well being, your communication, your self expression, its all about you. What is your life path here on earth? What life contract have you brought to earth to fulfil?

How to find answers

I understand these are hard questions to answer. Many clients call me with their questions, looking for answers. Of course spirit is able to help them and bring guidances and messages to assist them. But one of your life lessons i to develop your own spiritual powers so you too can connect into spirit and find those valuable answers. I have the answer for you. Why not give my course a go, Build a Spiritual Toolkit Level 1.

About The Course, Build a Spiritual Toolkit Level 1

You are no longer content with simply living as a five-sensory person, feeling stuck, and constantly trying to get ahead. By building a Spiritual Toolkit you will learn how to connect with Spirit and find answers for yourself. There are 3 modules in this course to build your Spiritual toolkit to receive answers. This course is designed to complete all modules, starting at module 1. The cost is a mere $20.

Go ahead and find it here at https://psychicsuzanne.co.nz/course/build-a-spiritual-toolkit-level-1/

Any questions or if you need help email me at [email protected]

Have fun

Love Psychic Suzanne