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Your divine being is made up of 5 important bodies, Physical. Mental, Emotional, Spiritual and Etheric (chakras). They do a lot of good work for you if you take some action.

Woman in cross-legged position meditating over rocks in nature

Your Physical  body (earth)

Look at ways of money management and budgeting. Stay focused and down to earth, be practical about your problem solving
Look after your body, health and wellbeing, walk regularly. Keep your immune system vitalized with healthy eating and lifestyle
Get a Garden going and get back to basics, baking and making your own spreads and jams.

Your Mental  body (air)

Stay positive, look at strategies to deal with a situation and sort problems out promptly. Don’t hold onto old thought forms and beliefs,  look outside the square for solutions
Get plenty of sleep or help to sleep to keep your brain sharp and focused.
Take time out to reduce mental stress, meditate, go for a walk, focus on the breath and have some fun with friends. Practice mind discipline, cancel negative thoughts immediately and replace with a positive thought.

Your Emotional body (water)

Listen to meditations to reduce anxiety, worry and stress.
Talk to friends and family for ideas and support.
Focus on the breath when you get some stressful news. It helps with anxiety.
Nurture and look after oneself, do things that make you feel good.
Live one day at a time rather than stressing about the future and take one step at a time if feeling overwhelmed
Remember that there are always others worse off than you.

Your Spiritual Body (fire)

Adopt a daily prayer routine to connect to your guides, angels and the divine. They will help you with your problems. 20min a day is good. Find some meditations  on YouTube  and meditate for peace and calm.
Find some meditation music to meditate for miracles and abundance. The 432 frequency is good for this.
Ask Archangel Michael to clear your spiritual body (aura) of low frequency and energies of psychic attack. Ask him to remove any lost souls and entities not for your highest good

Your Etheric body (chakras)

Practice exercises to open your crown chakra and your base chakra. Your crown chakra looks after the organs in your body, your mind and your brain. It is important to keep this chakra open and clear. Ask Archangel Jophiel to open and activate it. Ask Archangel Michael to cut any cords around your crown chakra that are not for your highest good and clear away any demonic energies.
Your base chakra is your stability and security chakra. It is also the chakra of abundance and prosperity. Ask Archangel Gabriel to open and activate it and to purify your base chakra with his diamond fire. Ask for your wealth DNA and wealth codes to be activated for prosperity and abundance

Ask for miracles and adopt a manifesting technique to manifest desires into your life.

Lots of Love Psychic Suzanne