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May 2023

Well we are half way through May and I’m wondering where the year is going. The months are flashing by.  May is always about health and we’ll being so I hope you are keeping well and avoiding these bugs that are going around.  Plenty of hot lemon and honey drinks I say.

Mercury Retrograde and May

Mercury retrograde has dominated May 2923 with its normally disruptive energy but in saying that this time around it has ignited some romance which is rather unusual. Past flames have turned up for some and a relationship has begun.  I’ve had 3 people in the past week who have told me my prediction of meeting a new romantic partner has come true.

Client Feedback

A rang me and said she had met up by chance a man whom  she had gone out with 20 years ago. They are getting on like a house on fire and talking about a future committed relationship.
Her daughter also called and said I had predicted a new man would come into her life and sure enough he appeared. They are now living together.
Then another client also  called and said she had reconnected with a past partner and the future is looking very positive for their renewed relationship. This is out of character with mercury retrograde but this time round some people are being given another go at their soulmate relationships. May be that is you?

If I can help you with your relationship or finding a new one let me know.

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Have a great week
Love Suzanne