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What’s happening in September 2023

September is an earth sign and carries the energy of earth which of course is about matters of the earth. September marks the beginning of spring and cultivating the earth to grow our vegetables. It is a great get up and grow month.

Increased Psychic Awareness

September also brings increased spiritual and psychic awareness. We are also understanding “who” and “what” we TRULY are and what our divine calling is to be, How are we going to be  of service to humanity. As we operate from a more heartfelt perspective, we release old ego tendencies and so we move into operating at a higher vibration.

Growing Our Food

This month will bring up serious issues and questions about our food supply which is dwindling with the effect of ongoing weather events.
How are we are going to be able to grow and provide enough food for our population?  How can we heal and reestablish a sacred Divine feminine connection and relationship with Mother Earth for her to be abundant again?

Looking After Our Health

September is also about looking after our heath, our physical body, blood bones and DNA. In this earth energy people also seek alternative health remedies for  health complaints which may  not have responded well to conventional treatments. These alternative remedies could be of the earth, ie herbal medicine or energy based treatments.

A Month of Discernment

September is a month if discernment. Looking inwards at our belief and value systems. Are some of our belief and values outdated? Are we ready to look at things differently that before? This can be an aha moment or a wakeup call when we suddenly see something without the rose tinted glasses on. What is fact? Look outside at square at what is going on in politics, communities and everyday life? Is it as it seems or is there another side to the lies and deceit going on?

Simplify Your Life

This is a month to simplify and streamline our lives, getting rid of the clutter, the unwanted goods, the habits, to lead to a more productive and positive life.  Maybe you don’t want to do something any more, an old habit that doesn’t serve any purpose. Maybe there is a friendship or relationship that is past its best by date and needs to go.

Whatever you aspire to be or the life you want to live, step right into it now and live it. That reality is only a veil away. See yourself doing this and take action to make it happen.

Love Psychic Suzy