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Whats In Store For 2024

Happy New Year to you all. I hope you have had a positive beginning to 2024.
2024 carries a number eight energy which is about letting karma go, balancing all aspects of your life including your health, changes whether you like it or not, your increasing intuition and psychic powers, learning the power of manifestation and balancing money.

A Lot Of Change

2024 is also about change whether you like it or not. There is going to be huge changes at a macro and micro level. Turbulent political changes worldwide. Technology is going to progress significantly. The truth will continue to come out resulting in many changes. It’s important that we stay in the positive and anchor, ground and stay balanced when things get overwhelming. Have a technique like roots coming out of your feet and into Mother Earth if you are feeling all over the place.


Already i am hearing about karma hitting people in the face. If you have long term outstanding bills that havent been paid then a resolution is going to have to be found. If you are in a relationship that does not serve you, then time to move. If you don’t then you will find things don’t get any easier. Trust your intuition.


Money has to be kept under control and in balance this year. More money going out than coming in has to be balanced. Have respect and love for money and its energy and see that it works for you if you look after it. The banks  will find it tough this year and will have to make significant changes for the better.

Intuition And Psychic powers

Your intuition and psychic powers will increase this year, trust your intuition as it will bring you answers. You may need some help to understand what is going on as many experiences may be coming at you. Look for a spiritual group you can join or learn a spiritual skill, ie healing, meditation, tarot reading or channelling.


Learning how to manifest and create the life you want will be a priority this year. The no 8 energy will support manifestation if you know what you are doing. Work out what you want to manifest in 2024. Choose carefully. Learn a technique that helps you with manifestation. Remember energy moves and connects backwards and forwards with people, animals, buildings, situations, conversations, objects. Use energy to your advantage positively. If you want something to happen then focus on it with all your might and see it happening within a timeframe.

 As a New Years special I am offering my 20min readings for $50 (NORMALLY $55) up until the 31st January 2024. 

Conditions apply:
Payment is by bank transfer before the reading only
The reading must be booked at least 1 day ahead. If you want a live, same day reading, the cost is $3.75/min no GST

Reply to this email or text 022 0429652 to book. And I will get back to you right away.
Via Phone and WhatsApp, sorry no zoom or skype.

Wishing you and your loved ones a wonderful and prosperous New year 2024.

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