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My last blog Romantic Relationships in 2018 was about the ingredients needed to find a new romantic relationship and getting an existing relationship back on track again. In this blog I am looking at how to make a relationship happier and more harmonious. The following issues are actual things that have come up in my readings that have created problems in a relationship.

Boundaries, a relationship is like a contract, establish what is okay and not okay in your relationship
Honesty always pays. If you want your partner to gain trust and good will in the relationship then honesty is a must.
Respect each other and their needs. If your partner wants to go see a friend or play sport then respect that need. We all must have some time out.
Punctuality, if you say you are going to ring at 5pm then stick to it.
Jealousy, this is a killer at times. If you are jealous of your partner talking to someone, deal with it, whether you must talk to a professional or sort it out with your partner
Unforgiveness, learning to forgive and move on is massive and powerful but doing nothing leaves one in a state of powerlessness and bitterness
Positive and clear communication, use social media and texting but for something that is important, talk to the person face to face
Fearfulness, people can become fearful that their partner will leave them for someone else or cheat on them. The state of fear gives your power away to the other person and your fearful thoughts can create the very thing that you are fearful about.
Trustworthy, prove that you are trustworthy, don’t assume the other party believes that all the time. Actions speak louder than words.
Faithfulness, this is a pact that both parties must have and keep always. Trust yourself to be faithful and your partner too.
Destructive arguments, everyone has arguments but if you humiliate or insult your partner then the argument becomes destructive.  Avoid ultimatums, it can be hard going back on your word.
Good will, always give the other party the benefit of the doubt and know that sometimes things happen out of the blue and punctuality goes out the window
Awareness and sensitivity of the other party’s feelings in dealing with a situation, we all think differently about things, try to see the other persons view.

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