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Ready to step up?

Are you ready to step up? Remember my blog last December 2017, Use your god given gifts to serve others, 1 Peter 4:10.
In this blog I was talking about how the energy of 2018 will push us to realize our gifts and step up to be of service to humanity in some way. But this has been at great cost to many of us. Change and letting go is never easy.

During 2018

Another year has gone by and during 2018 there has been a real push for each one of us to step up, take responsibility and align with our own soul to use our gifts to serve humanity. The energy of 2018, 11/2, is what has been behind it all, pushing for personal development and upliftment, clarity about our gifts and letting go of old stuff that no longer serves us. All through the year we have been challenged in one way or another to let go and change. November 2018 was the final heavy month of deep introspection and inner work. We were in the intense energy of 22/4 which is all about doing the remaining work of stepping up. Stepping up means letting go of the old patterns, energies and karma. November has been very much about karmic completion so we can truly get on with what we are meant to do.

Dont delay

If you are feeling restless, really yearning to make a change and to do something you feel is what you are supposed to be doing then you are right on track. Your soul is talking to you, aligning you to the passion or the work you are meant to do on earth plane to be of service. So, go forth and do it. Don’t procrastinate, this is what you have been working on yourself for, to move into who you really are.

Prepare to move

Now we are in December, this is a “5” Universal Month the number of freedom, variety, travel and adventure. Once Mercury has gone direct on the 6th December, it’s time to let your hair down and have a little fun this holiday season. But first, a word of caution as we sail into foot-loose and fancy-free December, While the free-spirited Universe may feel like a breath of fresh air right now, if left to its own devices, it may leave you feeling scattered and unprepared when the new year arrives, Stay focused on where you are moving to. December is the month you take control of your destiny and abundance… The month you set the tone for 2019. Don’t blow it after all of your hard work.

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