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Get out of a Rut

The recent eclipse. was called the Blood Red Wolf Moon. The name sounds ominous, but the symbolism was anything but. Eclipses help us by making us grow. They are cosmic events that end an old way of being and open a new way of being. Eclipses help us get out of our rut but we still must do the work. The cosmos is helping us make progress by closing an old door and opening a new one.  Did you feel an old door was closed and you opened a new one? If you didn’t then and you can’t go forward there is still work to be done. Read my last blog about emotional baggage https://PSYCHICSUZANNE.CO.NZ/2019/01/17/emotional-baggage/ Perhaps there is some emotion that you are still holding onto that needs to be gone. Work on it and release.

What is our Rut?

Eclipses get us out of our rut. And if you’re like me, when I’m not making progress, life feels like a trudge down the same old worn out path…the rut. That rut becomes our trap.  The rut can be the patterns of behaving and emotional ties that keep us trapped. It can be all the demands on us, and getting stuck in the day-in, day-out of a routine that we don’t notice and so the door doesn’t open to our dreams, desires and happiness.

Action changes things

You may ask, well how do I get out of my rut.? You can start right now to get out of your rut by making a choice to make some changes. Once you have made that choice then you can start creating achievable goals, making an action plan and then putting your action plan into action. This will get you out of the rut and you will find that the new door will start to open. If that sounds over whelming then do small achievable goals to start with.

Setting goals and Go

Here are some questions to ask yourself to help you to set achievable goals.
What would you like to do?
Go for an overseas trip??
Buy some new clothes or furniture?

WHO do you want to be? Someone who….
Helps others in need?
Teaches others?

Setting goals means thinking about it but it also means writing it down. So, get out a piece of paper and write down your goals. If you don’t want to write down the whole goal, just write a key word that reminds you of it. Then plan how you are going to achieve the goal. Connect your Key goal word/s with actions. Actions are what you are planning to do to achieve your goal.

Once you have done this get going and put your actions into reality and achieve your goal.. Visualise your goals achieving and thank the universe for supporting you to do this.
Setting goals and acting on them help you have something you want, something you are excited about — and that helps you get out of your rut.

I can help you with setting goals and an action plan.
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Peace and harmony Psychic Suzanne