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Have you been noticing 11.11 lately? Do you feel like something big is about to happen? Well you’re right, a powerful sacred portal or gateway is opening on the 11.11.2020. This portal is a two way gateway to heaven and the higher realms.
What is 11.11?
Each pillar of the gateway corresponds with an Archangel, Archangel Raphael in the east, Archangel Michael in the south, Archangel Gabriel in the west and Archangel Uriel in the north.
In the middle of these 4 Archangelic pillars is the powerful energy of love awakening the full truth of who you are as a spiritual being and the wakeup call to humanity of the truth, the underhandedness of government, the deceit, the alien influences and lies that have covered our third eye.. for many eons
Your Partnership with Spirit
The 2020 is the partnership of you connecting with spirit through this powerful portal 11.11 and the higher realms to awaken to a new level, to the infinite, no 8, 11+11+2+2=8 to access powerful healing to release from the many lifetimes of trauma, pain and fear and untruths that you have experienced here on earth. This is you awakening to your truth, your soul truth of who you are and what you have to come to this earth to accomplish. This you opening to the infinite power of love, that through love everything can be achieved, that love is the only way to express the beautiful soul that you are to blossom forth.
Partnership with Humanity
This is the the partnership of humanity and spirit, awakening to its truth through a great outpouring of love through this 11.11 sacred portal encompassing earth and awakening to all of what has been happening here on earth, a great cleansing of earth and humanity, releasing fear and wrong doings. a metamorphosis of humanity waking up to the truth and knowing that the new world is coming for all of us. That we no longer have to fear only know that through love our earth will blossom forth into the 5D world that we all are keenly awaiting.
Love and blessings Psychic Suzanne www.psychicsuzanne.co.nz