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Hi Everyone

Thanks for getting back to me after my last email to you. It was great to touch base again and to hear from some of you.

I wonder if you are getting sick of this rain  like I am. We have had so much rain and more is forecast. It is never ending. Sunny Nelson is not living up to its reputation and that’s not good.

Still life goes on and we just have to adapt and as Wayne Dyer would say, that we have to take things one day at a time. One day leads to two days and who knows the next day may be sunny and the next one.

I am good at plodding along and I chip away at the things that I want to get done. I find taking one day at a time works well for me, even thinking a week ahead is doable. I don’t focus on the years or decades ahead as it would be too much to think about.

Currently I am repainting the inside of my house. It’s a big job but I just do one room at a time, doing some painting one day at a time. Before I know it I have finished it one month later which was my goal anyway.

I hope you are manoeuvring your way through these challenging times.

If I can be of some assistance let me know.

Love and blessings






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