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Has A Curveball Hit You?

July 2023 has certainly been a challenging month for many, including myself. In fact most of 2023 has brought up a number of challenges for me. This month in particular has created a few curveballs. Ive had the ambulance at my home 3 times this month, my grandson accidently put his arm through the glass pane in my front door, the security of my home has been compromised. The list goes on and on unfortunately. A number of my clients have also had challenges. Some have lost jobs, others have lost family members, some have been unwell, some have just had problem after problem.

Why has a curveball hit you ?

So what is going on? I think the numerology of July says something. The energy July carries is that of number 5. 5 is a number of change. It can happen quite suddenly and it can be positive change for some and negative change for others. We have to embrace change, deal with it and move through. I think our flexibility and resilience helps. We also have to take action to change the situation and get it back on track.
I can’t help but think that there is karma playing out as well. As we journey on our pathway of ascension we have to clear our karmic debt. I have written a post about this before and the importance of clearing our karma. Click here for that post, Karma is a bitch
I feel July is a transition point to the higher  frequencies. If we can clear the decks and move through the curveballs then we are on our way to moving into a higher vibration of energy. Again this is about ascending, its not easy but it will be worthwhile.

What to do if a Curveball hits you

So remember, if you hit a curveball don’t drop the ball but keep passing it until you get a goal. We have to keep moving through challenges, take action, resolve it if at all possible, unattach and move on. Stay focussed on the positive, don’t let the challenges get you down. Just know that this is temporary and better times are here.

Stay safe
Love Suzy Psychic