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Remember this blog, ‘Use Your God Given Gifts’ that I wrote back in December 2017? Well my predictions are now reality. In this blog I talked about many of us being challenged to step up and serve humanity in some way using our skills, talents and truth. There would be a clear move away from solely thinking about ourselves but moving towards serving all of humanity as a collective cause and action. The underlying universal energy of 2018, 2+0+1+8=11. This is the 11 energy of fulfilling a humanitarian cause and we are being called collectively to fulfill that role. This has resulted in people grouping together to manage and change some very big issues in our world. This is happening on a community, government and a global level as well. Here are some examples of what is happening –

-Climate change and its effects are being looked at, to find ways slow down climate change and minimize the effects on species and humanity by moving people from vulnerable areas
-Over fishing in the ocean, the fishing industry is being hit by taking more than their quota and the depletion of species. The government is putting measures in place to stop this happening.
-The effects of pollution like the effects of plastics in the ocean, killing marine life and consequently the distribution of plastic bags is being minimized.
-The effects of pollution on species, groups are rallying to eradicate the source of the pollution.
-A summit having been held for Donald trump and Kim Jon Un to agree on the path towards denuclearization
-People are forming groups to help families in poverty.

So the collective truth is coming out. I talked in my last blog, our authentic self,  about each and everyone of us finding our truth and authenticity and thus creating the space for others to do the same. This is how the collective awareness is created. If many people are walking in their truth then this awareness becomes a collective and people start working together on a common cause.

Blessings Psychic Suzanne www.psychicsuzanne.co.nz