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Air New Zealand’s new safety video that was released on the 1st March has caused quite a stir and rightfully so. I feel that Air New Zealand’s new safety video (that was filmed a few kms from the Mt Erebus crash site) is trying to portray that they are a very safe airline and that it is very safe to fly with them on a flight to Antarctica or anywhere.Their video creates the illusion that the Antarctica is a beautiful, safe place and very appealing and the crash of an Air new Zealand plane killing all 257 people is something of the past and won’t happen again.

However I believe that the video is very insensitive and disrespectful of the people that died that day and the families who have been left behind, some of whom have never received the bodies of their loved one. It is also very disrespectful to the brave group of people who risked their lives to recover bodies and body parts from the crash site during the formidable conditions that that they had to endure there.

Environmentalists have protested about the video on the grounds of preserving Antarctica and its inhabitants in view of what is happening there with the impact of climate change.

Interestingly Erubus is ‘darkness’, or the place where the dead pass immediately after dying in greek mythology. I think that is saying something about the vulnerability of the mountain and surrounding area and who dare to visit there. That is testament to what happened that day on1979 when the mountain was shrouded in white cloud, or white out.

I feel that Air New Zealand are tempting fate by having a safety video filmed in Antarctica not far from the Erebus site. I’m not saying they are going to have another crash there but they are going against the principles of energy which is not so good karma for them.

The fact that an accident of this dimension happened on Mt Erubus means that the crash site and surrounding areas are taboo. It is respect to the people that died there. Come on Air New Zealand, have some compassion. Keep away.

I know that the crash site has been blessed, with due respect to those who have done that and that a memorial has been erected there (a cross and a koru) in memory of those who died there that day. However, no matter how many blessings are completed at the site and that the mountain has covered the wreckage, the energy of that abysmal crash and surrounding area will always be there.

No matter how hard Air New Zealand try to put the past behind, they will ALWAYS be energetically connected to that crash. They are energy cords or energy strands that will always be there. Some may say the energy cords can be disconnected, well they can but the sheer enormity of the numbers energy cords will mean that they never can be disconnected completely. This is present day karma.

“My thoughts are with the families of the Erubus  disaster today.”

(’Read about Quantum psychics and entanglement here, it is a proven fact that particles are connected even though a distance apart https://www.gizmodo.com.au/2017/08/scientists-finally-prove-strange-quantum-physics-idea-einstein-hated/)
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