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2018s energy is certainly stirring things up. Past issues are still there for many people and are rearing their ugly head.  People are calling me about past situations, people and events coming back to haunt them. We can’t possible let go of all of our past but let go of the past as much as you can. The past holds us back from being the beautiful flower that we are supposed to blossom into.
In some cases –
it is someone that they have known years ago who has resurfaced and made contact. This could be a friend or ex-partner.
a matter that has caused conflict in a relationship previously and thought to have been dealt with has resurfaced.
trust issues in a relationship that have been under the radar but are now fully exposed and come to a head
old emails and text messages appearing on phones, some revealing a truth
an intermittent problem from the past with a building, an example is leaks in a home or faulty workman ship of some kind
stories of skeletons in the closet, a partner has lied about something but now that lie is exposed
Well what can you do? If something has come up from the past from you need to assess how important it is and if its worth expending any time and energy on.
So, ask yourself on a scale of 1 – 10, (10 being very worrisome)
how much is this situation worrying me?
how much is it affecting my current life now?
If the matter concerned rates low on the scale, then close the door, ignore it and don’t give the situation any more energy. Good bye. Let it go.
If the situation rates high on the scale, then yes, you need to do something.
Call upon your Guardian angel and Angel helpers and release and surrender the situation to them. They will deliver guidance and messages to you in many ways, maybe through your thoughts, other peoples helpful words or maybe through a dream that you have.
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